Clerk to the Council:  Mrs Laura Apps-Green 
Telephone: 01603 319696

The Chairman of the Council, Rev Penny Goodman (tel: 01603 279393) and the Vice Chariman is Cllr Steve Riley  (Tel:07527627552 ).

Here is a list of Parish, District and County councillors and MP for this parish.  Here are some other useful local contacts.

Let us know if you would like details for your organisation on this site.  Here are links to:
Broadland District Council and 
Norfolk County Council

To report damage to roads or verges  click here 
To report damage or obstructions to footpaths or other public rights of way click here                                                                    
Why don't you visit the new benches along the Bure between The Mill and Pile Bridge?
They were installed by Haydn Claridge with grant aid from the Parish Council. Thank you!
We all hope that you will enjoy using them.  They were made by Jim Hill and are rustic and functional.  Roy and Sue Wheeler helped put them in and are seen here with Haydn putting one of them to the test.